MedsDad online pharmacy provides a 100% satisfaction Guarantee to our customers around the world.

If you receive any damaged order, miss any medicine, or have not received the parcel in that we ship another parcel, just pay a small amount of shipping charge.

In somehow case customer wants to refund the money, in that we totally refund the money. Just asking a small inquiry about order tracking and received product images.

During the shipment, if you have any medicine you have to generate a ticker at the MedsDad website, we respond to your ticket within 24 hours.

Due to some cases like whether the custom office in shipment the customer does not receive his parcel within 30 days, notify or mail at [email protected] and we try to solve your problem.

Most of the shipment takes time minimum of 10 to 12 business days. During any concerns related to your order, we support always our customers.

The customer is around the world in my and my team’s top priority.